RV Motorhome Checklist Before Heading Out on the Open Road

Jun 15 2012 Van-Isle Truck Tech Maintenance Tips Comments Off on RV Motorhome Checklist Before Heading Out on the Open Road


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At Van Isle Truck Tech, we’d rather not see your motorhome in our shop. We’d prefer you be enjoying the open road with your loved ones, not worrying about where that mysterious knocking is coming from. One of the keys to a smooth ride is a checklist, which you all have with such a large vehicle. We enjoy RV repair work because it makes people happy.

Here are 10 tips to prepare effectively for a trouble-free trip:

  1. Do a walk around your vehicle. Look for any unusual cracks in the body, windshield, window, anything that looks new or strange. Check tire pressure and condition. Check for loose wheel nuts.
  2. Look under the hood before you start it up. Looking for fluid seeping, electrical smell, and check the levels of your basic fluids like engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, washer, and power steering fluid.
  3. Look under your RV, not just for the neighbour’s cat, but look for any leaks.
  4. Have a look at your exhaust system. Rust? Cracks? Is it still there? Be sure its vented away from the body and leaks are not causing exhaust to enter the cabin.
  5. Start your RV up. Any warning lights? Take another look under the hood. Have someone help you check that all the lights are working.
  6. Try the windshield wipers and fluid (it should be topped up because you checked it already!)
  7. Position your mirrors properly.
  8. Wipe off your back up and side view cameras, if you have them.
  9. Does the horn work? How about the A/C?
  10. While its running, turn the steering wheel from side to side and make sure there is no binding and no belt squeal.

Should you have any questions or find anything you are not comfortable with, please get in touch! We are happy to help at anytime!


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